Employee FAQ

Presider is the term ATLaS uses to describe the individuals that oversee a department or function. These people have the authority to request key and card access on their employee's behalf:

  • Department head
  • Senior manager
  • Director

Designee is the term ATLaS uses to describe a person appointed by the Presider to request key and card access for other members of the department. These individuals are usually:

  • Professional staff assistant for a department
  • Administrative assistant for a department
  • Manager of a section in a department

Designees or persons authorized to make requests know who they are. If you don't know if you are, you probably are not. If you need to find yours, ask your department's professional staff/administrative assistant.

Consolidating communication through a single member for each department helps ATLaS reduce the potential channels of communication from thousands to about 50, and helps all reports and requests remain relatively uniform. This allows our quality of service to be as effective, efficient, and quick as possible. Please plan ahead and allow up to seven (7) days for all requests to be processed. 

Please see your department Designee.

If you need a key to your office, for example, they will fill out a Key Request Form and submit it to ATLaS. When you are notified that it is ready, you can come to the ATLaS office to sign for your key. If it was transferred to you from your predecessor, your Designee will have you sign for the key.

If you need MavCard access to your building or office suite, your Designee will submit a request on the ATLaS Drive request spreadsheet. Your Designee will tell you when your access is ready. If instructed, you may need to go to the MavCard office to get your card encoded (activated) before the access starts working.

If your key or card access does not function as intended, consult your Designee first. Please do not go to the MavCard Office or ATLaS Office.

Designees are only allowed to store office keys for their department. All sub-master or master keys must be returned to ATLaS. Not all departments maintain their own office keys and should be brought to ATLaS if not. If you are unsure, ask your department Designee or turn it in to ATLaS. There is a map to our location on our base page. Do not send keys in interoffice mail.

When Designees take an office key, they must fill out a Key Transfer Form indicating transfer of responsibility from you to the department (or your successor).

Please don't! "Heirloom" keys should never exist. Incorrectly assigned keys get lost in time and become a security risk. Please help us help you keep your area secure and safe. If you no longer need a key (usually due to an office change) or the original possessor of the key has left CMU, please return the key to ATLaS. You can also give it to your department Designee and ATLaS can retrieve it from them.

If they key is going to a replacement employee, your department Designee will fill out a Key Transfer Form on your behalf to report the transfer of possession.

If you legitimately possess a key, you should have signed an Employee Key Agreement that states you will not duplicate your key or even lend it to others. If someone uses your key with ill intent, or loses it, the responsibility rests with you.

Please return all "limbo" keys to ATLaS before they are lost or forgotten. Please refrain from sending keys in interoffice mail as they do not always make it, or make it in a timely manner.

If you are not willing to bring the key to the ATLaS office, please give the key to your department Designee and we will pick it up from them.

Consult your department Designee. ATLaS will need to be notified and a Key Request will need to be filled out for a replacement. Immediately after losing it, check all bags, purses, pants pockets, jacket pockets, drawers, cup holders, etc. Report the loss soon after searching for the key. The longer a key is unreported, the greater the security risk of the areas the key goes to.

Charges or other recourse will be determined by the manager of ATLaS depending on the key that was lost.

Offline Locks VisualIf you had access on your MavCard, that access will continue to work. Since your name is on the card, it would be easy for someone to figure out where your card has access. Immediately after losing it, check all bags, purses, pants pockets, jacket pockets, drawers, cup holders, etc. If you cannot find it, go to the MavCard Office and get a replacement MavCard. There is a fee for the replacement.

If you have access to any card readers that look like the ones depicted to the right, you need to get your new card encoded and swipe on every single card reader you have access to. This will delete the old card from the card reader. If you do not do this, your lost card will continue to function in those locks you did not do a void swipe on.