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Click on the links below to learn more about CMU's Assurance Review by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).


Day 1:  Did you know that next week's Higher Learning Commission (HLC) visiting team visit includes an open session with students? – November 3, 2017


Day 2:  Did you know about the various performance improvements CMU has made, based on feedback from the campus community? – November 2, 2017


Day 3Did you know that on next Monday and Tuesday (November 6 th and 7th), an Evaluation Team, selected by and representing the Higher Learning Commission, will visit with representatives of CMU's faculty, students, staff, administration, Trustees, and community advisory members? – November 1, 2017


Day 4:  Did you know the final reporting of CMU's comprehensive evaluation focuses on its two branch campuses?  -- October 31, 2017


Day 5:  Did you know that CMU must prepare responses as part of its compliance with the U.S. Department of Education requirements in order to offer federal financial aid? -- October 30, 2017


Day 6:  Did you know how CMU documents performance improvements? -- October 27 2017


Day 7Did you know about the University’s co-curricular opportunities? -- October 26, 2017


Day 8Did you know about the resources available for effective teaching and learning? -- October 25, 2017


Day 9Did you know about CMU/WCCC faculty members’ instructional and non-instructional responsibilities, and that they meet expected qualifications? -- October 24, 2017


Day 10Did you know that CMU must document how it delivers courses and programs that are of consistent quality and learning outcomes, regardless of where instruction is offered or how it is delivered? -- October 23, 2017


Day 11Did you know about indicators of the currency of CMU's courses and programs? -- October 20, 2017


Day 12:  Did you know that, in addition to maintaining accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission since 1957, 13 of the institution's programs meet standards set by national agencies to receive specialized accreditation? -- October 19, 2017


Day 13:  Did you know how CMU differentiates its two divisions? -- October 18, 2017


Day 14:  Did you know about some of the improvements to academic programs as a result of the assessment of student learning? -- October 17, 2017


Day 15Did you know about some examples of how CMU fulfills its obligation as a public good? -- October 16, 2017


Day 16Did you know that CMU has become a more diverse institution? -- October 13, 2017


Day 17:   Did you know that CMU has two documents that define its role within Colorado public higher education and guide what levels and range of programs it offers, who it serves, where it invests its resources, and what are its general priorities?  -- October 12, 2017


Day 18:  Did you know that CMU is expected to document how it meets the Higher Learning Commission's Criteria for Accreditation? -- October 11, 2017


Day 19:  Did you know that Colorado Mesa University is on the Higher Learning Commission's (HLC) Standard Pathway? -- October 10, 2017


Day 20:  Did you the importance of CMU's institutional accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC)? -- October 9, 2017