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Exceptional Faculty

Our faculty is exceptional. You will learn from Fulbright scholars (we boast four in our department), award-winning teachers, researchers, editors, published poets, storytellers, and critics. And you’ll also notice how open and willing our professors are to help you in and out of the classroom. That desire to help students is what our students appreciate the most. You won’t be relegated to TAs who are still learning their trade. Instead, your teachers will be experienced, and most have a Ph.D or terminal degree in their field. Of course, they stay current in their fields by publishing and participating in academic conferences, and they also have a passion for teaching. They care about the individual. They care about you.

Dr. Julie Barak

Ms. Kate Belknap

Dr. Julie Bruch

Ms. Bonnie Butler

Dr. Robin Calland

Dr. Colin Carman

Ms. Carol Christ

Dr. Barbara Geiger

Dr. TJ Gerlach

Dr. Kurt Haas

Dr. Kristen Hague

Dr. Jennifer Hancock

Ms. Michele Hanson

Prof. Jeremy Jurgens

Dr. Barry Laga

Ms. Gabriele Mayer-Hunke

Ms. Allison Morris

Mr. John Nizalowski

Dr. Randy Phillis

Dr. Jason Reddoch

Dr. William Wright