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PhD, University of Nebraska


Kurt Haas, PhD, earned his PhD from the University of Nebraska. As a grad student, his areas of emphasis were medieval literature (his dissertation was about rhetoric in the Canterbury Tales), renaissance literature and composition and rhetoric. Haas teaches courses in early British literature and composition.

He believes that the broad purpose of education is to help students understand the way the world shapes them, and allow them to act effectively in their own interests. As such, Haas approaches the classroom as an interactive space where students exchange ideas about interpreting and creating texts as they gain more knowledge about them.

Haas comes originally from a small town of about 700 people in the southeast corner of Iowa. He graduated from high school in 1987, got married in 1993, was blessed with one child in 1998 and another in 2001. He is a baseball fan that enjoys the Kansas City Royals and the Rockies (in both their Grand Junction and Colorado incarnations). He enjoys hiking, camping and travel of all sorts with his family.

Kurt Haas' curriculum vitae