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Business Student Organizations

The following is a list of the Department of Business student organizations:

Accounting Club

The accounting club helps prepare accounting students for immediate employment upon graduation.

Mr. Craig Fossett, Advisor - 970.248.1727

2013-2014 Club Officers:

                      Rose McCarver, President

                      Kyra Rosenkrance, Vice President
                      Dan Clark, Secretary
                      Elena Wiman, Treasurer
                      Anthony Camp, CAB Representative

Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP)

AITP is geared towards promoting the growth of students involved in the Computer Information Systems major.   Dr. Johnny Snyder, Advisor - 970.248.1722

2013-2014 Club Officers:

                      Dustin Delor, President
                      Michael Rowe, Vice-president
                      Paul Ducray, Information Specialist

                      Kamen Chiles, Treasurer

                      Nathan O'Connor, Publicist
                      Dr. Johnny Snyder, Webmaster

Association of Construction Project Managers (ACPM) Club

The Colorado Mesa University - ACPM Club provides students with the opportunity to extend their classroom studies to the real world. Special events, fundraisers, and even national competitions are among some of the projects ACPM Club is involved with.

Ms. Kelly Bevill - 970.248.1658, Mr. Troy Miller - 970.248.1551, Dr. Morgan Bridge - 970.248.1169

2013-2014 Club Officers:

                     Brody Saindon, President

                     Thomas Giuliano, Vice President

                     Daniel Smith, Secretary

                     Lori Siegesmund, Treasurer

                     Kenny Machi, ASG Representative           

Entrepreneurship Club (E-Club)

E-Club explores creative and innovative ideas and give members the opportunity to meet the people who bring them to life.

Ms. Georgann Jouflas, Advisor - 970.260.9500

2013-2014 Club Officers:

                      Brie Perrin, President

                      Dylanna Gross, Vice President

                      Sean Foster, Vice President of Programs

                      Brian Watson, Vice President of Student Incubator

                      Mariah Bisson, Vice President of Communications

                      Kimberly Weber, Vice President of Finance

                      Tyler Geerdes, Vice President of Marketing

Hospitality Management Club

Hospitality Club acquires knowledge about the hospitality industry while networking with professionals and fellow students.  Opportunity to become members of the Colorado Hotel & Lodging Association.

2013-2014 Club Officers:

                     Jenna Hayes, President

                     Katherine McKenzie, Vice President / Secretary

                     Jaimie Abert, Treasurer

                     Amanda Bowen, Social Media / CAB Representative

Landman/Energy Management Club (LEM)

LEM Club promotes the highest standards of performance for all land professionals and students, to advance their stature and to encourage sound stewardship of energy and mineral resources.  Promote networking with professionals in the landman/energy management field.

Mr. Clint Cripe - 970.248.1137 and Dr. Morgan Bridge, Advisors - 970.248.1169

2013-2014 Club Officers:

                      Travis Roth, President

                      Tyler Ross, Vice President

                      Zach Beach, Treasurer

                      Caleb Thomas, Secretary

                      Ryan Wilson, CAB Representative


Phi Beta Lambda (PBL)

In today's highly competitive business environment it takes more than just a business degree to succeed - it requires business shrewdness, leadership skills, and technical knowledge.  This is where Phi Beta Lambda excels.  By taking advantage of the many programs PBL offers, students acquire the skills that will set them apart from the average graduate.  Members learn through participating in a variety of activities that help them build their abilities, while contributing to the improvement of the community in which they live, their school, and their chapter.  Members have the opportunity to compete at the state and national level.

Ms. Deborah Parman, Advisor - 970.248.1170

2013-2014 Club Officers:

                       Bonnie Masters, President

                       Heather Brown , Vice President

                       Caitlin Ross, Vice President, Marketing

                       Cory Castaneda, Vice President, Finance

                       Amelia Higgins, Vice President, Communications

                       Jack Carter, Director, Professional Division

                       Anthony Hammond , Director of Membership



Student Human Resource Management (SHRM)

Joining SHRM Club gives you a joint membership with our sponsors, the Western Colorado Human Resource Association.  This allows student members to attend monthly luncheons that offer networking opportunities, at a discount. Your SHRM membership will also allow access to the SHRM web site, a comprehensive database of HR related information.

Dr. Pat Schutz, Advisor - 970.248.1748

2013-2014 Club Officers:

                      Alyse Knudsen, President

                      Jon Hirokawa, Treasurer

                      Lorena Trujillo, Secretary

                      Travis Eason, External VP

                      Danielle Peña, Internal VP

                      Lilian Madadian, Public Relations

                      Tela Robinson, Database Coordinator                      

Tax Assistance Program (TAP)

TAP assists western slope residents in preparing and filing their tax returns. Contact Dr. Craig Fossett, 970.248.1727.


Master of Business Administration Club (MBA)

Mr. Jared Meier, Advisor - 970.248.1613