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Department of Business

The Department of Business offers a Bachelor of Business Administration with a broad range of concentrations, a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Computer Information Systems, or Construction Management, a Bachelor of Applied Science in Business Administration, Computer Information Systems, or Hospitality Management, an Associate of Arts degree in Business Administration or Business Computer Information Systems, minors in Accounting, Business Administration, Computer Information Systems, Economics, Entrepreneurship, or Managerial Informatics, Certificates in Decision Support, Entrepreneurship, Insurance, Landman/Energy Management, or Supervision, and a Master of Business Administration Degree. These options prepare students for a wide variety of business careers by providing comprehensive training in all areas necessary for success.

Quality of the teaching faculty is second to none in the State of Colorado resulting in, what many consider, one of the top undergraduate business programs in the region. The publication record of the faculty and their participation in the private business sector are exceptional.

Business students leave Colorado Mesa University with a level of preparation that allows them to achieve their career goals not only in Colorado but also the rest of the country and around the globe. Student success is what our program is all about!

Best Hospitality Degreees

CMU's Hospitality Management Associate Degree was recognized in the top 30 colleges for an Associate's Degree in Hospitality for 2015.

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Departmental Learning Outcomes:

A Bachelor of Business Administration Graduate will be able to:

Critical Thinking Skills: Apply business knowledge and skills in appropriate business contexts and transfer knowledge and skills to new business situations.

Communication Skills: Independently communicate clearly, appropriately, and persuasively to the audience, both orally and in writing.

Quantitative fluency: Analyze business data critically, reason logically, and apply

quantitative analysis methods correctly to develop appropriate business conclusions.

Strategic Application of Information: Strategically apply information across

functional business areas.

Team Work: Effectively work in a team.

General Business Knowledge: Integrate knowledge from multiple functional areas of business to solve business problems and to develop sound business strategies.

Work Products: Produce professional business work products.

Ethical Behavior: Practice principle-based ethics in decision making both personally and professionally.

Declaring Your Major

If you would like to declare business as your major, contact Jane Sandoval, jsandova@coloradomesa.eduat the Department of Business, Dominguez Hall, Suite 309.

Contact Information:

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Department of Business

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