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 You can access online tutoring via MAVzone apps by locating the TLC & Writing Center application powered by D2L.

You can also click the button link below to take you to the TLC and Writing Center D2L App!



 Using the TLC and Writing Center App.

When you access tutoring online, you may be able to connect to a tutor immediately but there may be a wait – especially during peak hours or near mid-terms and finals. In these cases, we ask for your patience. 

We also have a list of online Learning Resources to help students achieve academic success.

How to ask a question online

Go to the "Content" tab in the tutoring app to post your question to one of many discussion topics categorized by subject. A tutor will respond to your question within the application. 

Microsoft Teams

TLC will be using Microsoft Teams as a tool for tutors and students to chat, video call, share screens, or collaborate via a digital whiteboard.

Preparing to work with a tutor

  • Start the assignment (try it on your own first)
  • Have questions ready to ask the tutors
  • Have your assignments, notes, and/or textbooks handy
  • Be ready to tell the tutor what you would like help with
  • Bring a positive attitude and willingness to try!