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Tutors are available in-person on our main campus to assist you with multiple subjects and courses. 

View the main campus tutoring schedule

Call us at 970.248.1392 for more information.

Preparing to work with a tutor

  • Start the assignment (try it on your own first)
  • Have questions ready to ask the tutors
  • Have your assignments, notes, and/or textbooks handy
  • Be ready to tell the tutor what you would like help with
  • Bring a positive attitude and willingness to try!

Upper-division courses

For Upper-division course tutoring, please call 970.248.1392 for additional information.

Students are advised to see their instructors before contacting the TLC for help in their upper-division (300-, 400-, and graduate-level) courses.

Tutoring locations

CMU main campus

Houston Hall 113

Confluence Hall 214 (Engineering)

Health Sciences building (Nursing)

Tomlinson Library 1st floor Sunday and Wednesday 6-9 pm (Writing)


Access tutoring online or at our main campus location.

Montrose campus

Visit the front desk in the Branscome Center.