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Tutors are available in-person on our main campus to assist you with multiple subjects and courses. 

View the main campus tutoring schedule

Summer hours begin May 31

Call us at 970.248.1392 for more information.

Preparing to work with a tutor

  • Start the assignment (try it on your own first)
  • Have questions ready to ask the tutors
  • Have your assignments, notes, and/or textbooks handy
  • Be ready to tell the tutor what you would like help with
  • Bring a positive attitude and willingness to try!

Upper-division courses

For Upper-division course tutoring, please call 970.248.1392 for additional information.

Students are advised to see their instructors before contacting the TLC for help in their upper-division (300-, 400-, and graduate-level) courses.

Tutoring locations

CMU main campus

Houston Hall 113

Confluence Hall 214 (Engineering)

Health Sciences building (Nursing)

Tomlinson Library 1st floor Sunday and Wednesday 6-9 pm (Writing)


Access tutoring online or at our main campus location.

Montrose campus

Visit the front desk in the Branscome Center.