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The Chemistry Placement exam should be taken by CMU students majoring in the sciences. The placement exam determines whether the student should take CHEM 111 or CHEM 131. Students will need to know their MAVzone username and password to access the test. Total test time allowed is 60 minutes.  Students are allowed to take the Chemistry Placement exam once per semester. *Students can place directly into CHEM 131/131L or CHEM 151/151L courses with an ACT Math score of 24 or higher or SAT Math score of 610 or higher.

CMU students majoring in the following subjects and have taken one year of High School Algebra and one year of High School Chemistry should take the exam:

Biology (Not Biology Teacher)


Environmental Science



Environmental Geology

Secondary Education - Geology

Exercise Science

Payment and Scheduling

The CMU fee is $15. We will bill their student account. All payments are pre-paid and non-refundable. 

The Chemistry Placement exam will be administered unproctored on the computer, allowing 60 minutes of testing time. Colorado Mesa University expects students to do their own work without the assistance of others or unauthorized aids. You may use a handheld calculator, pencils or pens, and paper for scratch work. A score of 21 or higher will place you into Chem131. You must know your CMU MAVzone login and password in order to take this assessment. This exam cannot be administered without your login and password.

Online Scheduling

Visit RegisterBlast to schedule your appointment.

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