Behavioral Health Services

All full and part-time Colorado Mesa University students are entitled to professional counseling sessions for a modest $5.00 copay. Financial hardship "Vouchers" may be requested through the Office of Student Services.

  • 24/7 crises and emergencies services are available at Mind Springs by calling 888.207.4004
  • For more information or to make an appointment, call 970.644.3740

About Counseling Services

  • If you’re needing support, we’re here
  • If you’re seeking help, we’re here
  • If you’re wanting change, we’re here

Check out our online resource and take the free and confidential wellness self evaluation:

u lifeline resources         YOU

If you need help with a Drug or Alcohol problem click on the link below: 


If you want a referral to another counselor near campus please call (970) 248-1765 for more information.

Student Wellness Center 

Located across Orchard Avenue from the Tennis Courts 
Call 970.644.3740 or Use this link to schedule your first appointment with one of our therapists

Meet Our Providers

  • Anna Lee Walker, LPC, LAC Behavioral Health Coordinator
  • Laurie McCall, LPC, Campus Counselor
  • Carl Willoughby, LPC 
  • Teresa Pavlisick, LPC, LAC, Campus Counselor
  • Zach Duran, LAC, Campus Counselor
  • Kyle Davis, Provider 
  • Heather Juanes, Provider