Behavioral Health Services

All full and part-time Colorado Mesa University students are entitled to professional counseling sessions for a modest $5.00 copay. Financial hardship "Vouchers" may be requested through the Office of Student Services.

  • 24/7 crises and emergencies services are available at Mind Springs by calling 844.493.8255
  • For more information or to make an appointment, call 970.644.3740 ext #4

About Counseling Services

  • If you’re needing support, we’re here
  • If you’re seeking help, we’re here
  • If you’re wanting change, we’re here

Check out our online resource and take the free and confidential wellness self evaluation:

u lifeline resources         YOU

If you need help with a Drug or Alcohol problem click on the link below: 


If you want a referral to another counselor near campus please call (970) 248-1366 for more information.

Student Wellness Center 

Located across Orchard Avenue from the Tennis Courts 
Call 970.644.3740 ext #4 or Use this link to schedule your first appointment with one of our therapists

Meet Our Providers

  • Anna Lee Walker, LPC, LAC Behavioral Health Coordinator
  • Laurie McCall, LPC
  • Carl Willoughby, LPC 
  • Nicki Rennewanz-Reeves LPC, LAC 
  • Amber Pitts, LPC 
  • Zach Duran, LPC, LAC, 
  • Kyle Davis, Provider 
  • Heather Juanes, Provider