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What's up, Mavs? Rowdy the Maverick here!  

I love to work hard, play games, explore and learn, and cause a little stir from time to time. But above all, I'm so proud to be a member of Mavily! I am always energetic, welling to give a helping hand and ready to meet new friends! Say hi, if you see me hanging on campus, at Maverick home games, or even if I'm walking to class. It's always fun to meet a new new people! We'll take a selfie together.

Wait, can you even take a selfie when someone else is in the picture? 

Anyways, be sure to tag me and use #RowdySighting on your posts. I would love to see them.

Mav up, Mavericks. When am around, its going to be a memorable time. I am Colorado Mesa University's mascot. I love my job. I following my dreams. I live by my values. And, I ask you to do the same.

I can't wait to meet you.


Rowdy Starts New Initiative

Rowdy wants to understand what makes CMU Mavericks unique, what keeps them driven to explore, and what is most important to them. To find some of these answers, he has created a student contest that asks the Mavily to share their experiences with a straightforward question. What does being a Maverick mean to you? Read the CMUnow article announcing Rowdy's campus-wide competition and the Mascot Program's new fundraising effort, the Spirit of Rowdy Sticker Collection.

Read The Story on CMUnow

Fun Fact #1

I am really competitive, and I love an intense game. Win or lose, we fight hard for the team and for our school!

Fun Fact #2

I can be somewhat… unpredictable! I like to take risks and challenge myself.

Fun Fact #3

My favorite pastime is to explore and be outdoors! Especially with the Colorado National Monument and Powderhorn being so close, there’s so much to do!

Fun Fact #4

I love being a Maverick, and I will always protect the Herd.

If you have any questions about the Rowdy Mascot Program or what to know how you can get involved with the team, contact Haley Hahn, Mascot Program Contact at [email protected] or 970.248.2260.