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What's up, guys?! 

My name is Rowdy, and I love to work hard, play games, and above all, support The Herd! I am always energetic and ready to go! If you see me around campus or at our home games, come say hi. It’s always fun to meet the Mavericks!


Fun Fact #1

I am really competitive, and I love an intense game. Win or lose, we fight hard for the team and for our school!

Fun Fact #2

I can be somewhat… unpredictable! I like to take risks and challenge myself.

Fun Fact #3

My favorite pastime is to explore and be outdoors! Especially with the Colorado National Monument and Powderhorn being so close, there’s so much to do!

Fun Fact #4

I love being a Maverick, and I will always protect the Herd.

If you have any questions about the Rowdy Mascot Program reach out to Jeremy Smith, Mascot Program Coordinator at [email protected] or 970.248.1371.