Mail Room

All incoming US Postal Service Mail is sorted and delivered on campus by the Purchasing Department which can be reached at 970.248.1337 or by e-mail at

Outgoing US Postal Service mail is picked up from the central mailroom and metered by Mail Managers, an off-campus vendor. The central mailroom also is the designated pick up location for outgoing Federal Express, UPS and other express carriers. The physical receiving and pick up address for Colorado Mesa University is 1260 Kennedy Avenue, Grand Junction, CO 81501.

Carrier Pick Up Time

US Mail 1:30 pm and 2:15 pm

Federal Express 3:00 pm

UPS 4:00 pm

Campus mail is delivered and picked up for processing every morning. There is only one pick up of campus mail by Mailroom Personnel; all other outgoing mail must be brought to the mail room no later than 2:15 pm in order to be processed the same day. All outgoing mail needs to be stamped with each department's organization code for appropriate billing.

Mail Managers provides two daily pickups of outgoing mail to take to their facility for processing. Sorting & Addressing do matter! All envelopes to be sealed should have flaps up to be run through the postage machine and like-sized pieces should be bundled together. Bulk mailings of over 200 pieces of identical mail need to be in zip code sequence and will generally be processed the day following pick up from campus. Automation mail is mail that is machine addressed in a clear, readable font that can be read by an optical character reader in order to determine and apply a certified 11 digit barcode. Addresses in window envelopes must be legible and not shift out of the window area in handling. If envelopes are hand addressed no discounts applied to that piece of mail.

Mail Managers invoices Colorado Mesa University on a monthly basis, these invoices are processed to charge each department through interdepartmental billing.

For information on current mail rates, please contact Tracy Miracle at 970.248.1202.


Colorado Mesa University has been notified by our off-campus metering facility, Mail Managers, about a new USPS Regulation known as the "Move Update" standard which will be implemented beginning November 23, 2008.

Colorado Mesa University does not meter postage on campus; Mail Managers provides the University their metering service. Mail Managers processes a large quantity of mail for Grand Junction businesses in addition to the University and they are able to provide Colorado Mesa University a substantially reduced first class mailing rate.

Colorado Mesa University's mail that is not compliant with a USPS approved move update method will not be metered at the reduced first class postage and will be subject to a service charge for manually sorting Colorado Mesa University's mail. Mail Managers will provide us with interim ancillary endorsements as we put in place the methods that will work best for the departments to be compliant with these new regulations.

The "Move Update" initiative by the USPS is to reduce costs - not only for the Postal Service but also for business customers that have undeliverable as addressed (UAA) mail. This new requirement will change how Colorado Mesa University will address and process mail.

Most departments on campus send reduced quantities of mail rather than mass mailings; these mailings do not have lists processed by Mail Managers. For the majority of departments we will need to use what the USPS calls an "Ancillary Service Endorsement". This endorsement is used to instruct the USPS regarding the mail piece's appropriate disposition upon determining that it is undeliverable as addressed. The USPS has standardized the endorsements that we are to use for our mail:

  • Return Service Requested
  • Temporary Return Service Requested
  • Address Service Requested
  • Change Service Requested - this endorsement is the only instruction that has a fee of $.75 for the Postal Service to change the address and provide the new address to the College, all other endorsements are free of charge.

The following link provides the full explanation of each term and the appropriate location to apply the Address Service Requested endorsement:

The endorsements may be hand written on the envelope; however as this is a permanent USPS requirement it may be standard language pre-printed on envelopes or affixed as a stamp on the envelope. Any permanent changes to Colorado Mesa University's envelopes will need to be approved by the Marketing & Publications Department.

Mass mailings processed by the University will also be affected. The address lists of all mailings will need to be accompanied by an NCOA Processing Acknowledgment Form that verifies all addresses have been updated within the last 95 days. Please complete only the first block in this form, then send it to Mail Managers. Mail Managers will process the address verifications for the University as they are a licensee to feed into the USPS National Change of Address Linkage System (NCOA).

If you have questions about these changes please contact Suzanne at x1417 or Frank at Mail Managers at 241.1612.

All incoming student mail is sorted and delivered by the United States Postal Service to the individual residence halls.

Student packages are delivered to Receiving with all other incoming freight. Once the freight is received it is sorted for each hall and logged for each student. Students can come to the warehouse for package pick up but packages will not be released to anyone without verification of a student ID. During regular college sessions package deliveries are made to Mary Rait Hall, Piñon Hall, Tolman Hall, Monument Hall, and Grand Mesa Hall after 3:00 pm and are signed for by the attending RA on duty. For Walnut Ridges Apartments and any other residence halls, the packages will be delivered to the Housing office after 3:00 pm and will be signed for by the Housing staff. Once these packages are delivered and signed for, it is the Housing staff or RA 's responsibility to ensure that those packages are safely delivered to the recipient.