The Purchasing Department oversees the campus procurement card program (OneCard). The OneCard is the preferred method of payment for small dollar purchases (less than $5,000) for goods and services for the University. The card is a Visa and is individually issued by U.S. Bank. The card is cost-effective for the University and provides individuals the ability to purchase directly for their campus departments.

If you have questions about the OneCard program, please contact the Purchasing Department at 970.248.1337 or by email at

Applying for a OneCard

Please complete the OneCard Application and obtain the necessary signatures for authorization and credit limit information. Once the form is complete, please send it via interoffice mail to the Purchasing Department.

U.S. Bank Access Online Password Resets

If you are locked out of Access Online, please use the "Forgot your password" link on the Access Online login page. If that does not work please contact U.S. Bank at 877.887.9260.

Prior to receiving your OneCard, you will need to attend one of our scheduled trainings. Please note, that you will need to let us know if you are planning to attend one of our trainings, so we can plan on the correct number of attendees. 

2020 OneCard Training - Travel


2020 OneCard Training - Purchasing


Open Lab Sessions are for current, active cardholders. 
Prior to attending please have receipts uploaded 


My Access Online profile is locked, what do I do?

If you are locked out of Access Online, please use the "Forgot your password" link on the Access Online login page. If that does not work please contact U.S. Bank at 877.887.9260.

I have fraudulent charges on my OneCard, what do I do?

Contact U.S. Bank by calling the number on the back of your card to let them know that you need to dispute a charge. U.S. Bank will close your account and issue you a new card, and send you paperwork to fill out and send back to them. U.S. Bank will issue you a credit for the fraudulent charge while the dispute is being investigated. You will need to reallocate both the fraudulent charge and the U.S. Bank issued credit to account 6992, upload the paperwork and any correspondence regarding the fraudulent charge to the receipt attachment, and send to your Approving Official for Final Approval.

I accidentally used my CMU issued OneCard for a personal purchase, what do I do?

This happens more frequently than one would think. You will need to reimburse the University by going to the Business Office in Lowell Heiny Hall. The Business Office will provide you a receipt for your reimbursement, you will need to upload the receipt that the Business Office provides to your transaction in Access Online, this will provide enough information in case your transaction is audited to show State auditors that this transaction has been taken care of. Reallocate the transaction to account 6991 and send the transaction to your Approving Official for Final Approval. Keep in mind, it is always best to self report. 

A credit has been issued to my OneCard, how do I reallocate it?

You will need to reallocate this credit to the same ORGN/ACCT that the original transaction was reallocated to. For example, if you reallocated the original charge to ORGN: 5678 ACCT: 6201, you will need to reallocate the credit to ORGN: 5678 ACCT: 6201. You will also need to upload source documentation that shows the what the credit was for, the quantity, and the unit price.

Why is my OneCard being declined?

If you ever are declined, don't panic. Call the number on the back of your card to find out why your card is being declined. More often than not, it is a fraud filter and U.S. Bank will be able to lift that hold on your card. If U.S. Bank needs a Program Administrator to make changes, email us at or call us at 970.248.1337.

Do I need to wait for the cycle to close before reallocating?

No, you may reallocate your transactions at any time during the cycle, as long as the transaction has posted. In fact, we suggest reallocating as soon as you are able. Transactions are locked for reallocation 5 calendar days after the cycle closes, please refer to the Cycle Close Calendar to find out the exact day that your transactions are locked for reallocation. 

I need to place an order that is over $5,000 can I have the vendor split this into multiple charges?

No, you may not have the vendor split your order into multiple charges to circumvent your card limits. This considered a split purchase, depending on the severity, this could be cause for card suspension.