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About Student Trips

With such exciting and varied activities near at hand, the Outdoor Program and students at Colorado Mesa University have a lot of choices for outdoor excursions. The Outdoor Program outings are based on the common adventure concept, which is two or more individuals working cooperatively for common goals, and sharing expenses, decision making and responsibilities as equitably as possible. In other words all participants contribute in the cost, preparation and responsibilities of the trip. The responsibilities and expenses of the trip are shared among all members (no trip expenses go to pay anyone's salary). Any instruction or advice provided by any member of the group is given gratuitously in the spirit of cooperation. Since there are no guides, everyone on the trip has a lot more work to do such as: helping plan the trip, buying food, loading and unloading equipment, and cleaning up after it's over.

Sign up for a trip

Log in to the Outdoor Program Equipment Rentals website with your MAVzone credentials. Click "Student Trips" to check out and sign up for a trip.