Outdoor Program Staff

Ryan Dutch

Ryan Dutch - Outdoor Program Director

Nickname: Dutch Oven

Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colorado

BS: Physics from CMU, AS: Engineering and Mathematics from CMU

Favorite Outdoor Activities: CRACK CLIMBING!!! Rock & Ice Climbing, Backcountry Skiing, International Travel, Astronomy, Mountaineering, Multiday Backpacking, Being in Amazing Places, and Time Travel.

Favorite OP Trip: Patagonia 2004, Desert Climbing Trips

Favorite Dutch Oven meal: Thanksgiving Dinner

Mantra: "We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time." T.S. Eliot

Email: rdutch@coloradomesa.edu



MacKenzie Holbrook- Outdoor Program Assistant Coordinator

Major: B.S. Anthropology/Archaeology from Texas State University

Why you work at the OP: I work at the OP because I love sharing my love of the outdoors and the opportunities to learn from others along the way.  Nothing is better than the feeling of helping others develop through amazing experiences and interactions.

Favorite outdoor activity: I love any activity that involves somewhere that I have never seen before.  My favorite outdoor activity is rafting...and backpacking...and mountain biking...and snowboarding...and walking through a field of wildflowers...and looking at the stars...and sleeping in a tent! Really, just being in a beautiful place no matter what I am doing.

Coolest talent you have: I can ride a horse and rope a cow at the same time. I'm also a pretty awesome soup maker!

What always makes you smile: I am happiest when I am surrounded by people I love.  Things that always make me smile are my dogs, watching a prairie dog run, little kids in ski suits, and when my vegetable seeds first sprout :) 

Mantra: Stay close to anything that makes you glad you are alive.

Email: mholbrook@coloradomesa.edu



Weston Brady- Trip initiator & office staff

Major: Senior in  Business Administration/Finance

Why you work at the OP:  I want to help give other students the experiences that I have been lucky enough to have through the Outdoor Program. If I can help share what the outdoors has to offer with even a handful of people, then I’ve done a good job! 

Favorite outdoor activity: Is everything an answer? My top 3 would be canyoneering, mountain biking and snowboarding!

Coolest talent you have: I started doing archery in 4-H and have been shooting ever since.

Mantra: “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” -Winston Churchill



Tanner Rein- Trip initiator & office staff

Major: Senior in construction electricity

Why you work at the OP: I want to make it easy for people to get out and enjoy life as much as possible.

Favorite outdoor activity: back country skiing

Coolest talent you have: I can catch stuff in my mouth pretty easily

What are you happiest doing: making the coolest friends in the gnarlyest of places 

Mantra: It could always be worse.



Matti Hlatki - Trip initiator & office staff

Major: Junior in Nursing

Why you work at the OP: I love showing people the joys of being outside! It is my favorite thing to take someone who has never camped before on a backpacking trip and watch them grow in confidence as they learn how to be in harmony with nature. :D

Favorite outdoor activity: Backpacking, desert climbing, 14er chasing!!

Favorite OP trip: SUP Packing

Coolest Talent you have: I’m an amazing cook. My smoke detector loves to cheer me on.

What always makes you smile: socks and sandals, the smell of dirt after it rains, a fresh cup of tea, the first breath of air you take when stepping off of an airplane in a new place

Mantra: The only difference between a road block and an adventure is your perspective.



Ethan Erickson - Trip initiator & office staff

Major: Junior in Nursing

Why you work at the OP: I work at the Op because this is the best environment to make friends that want to do the same thing as you and to have the most opportunity to go adventure and learn new ways to have the time of your life.

Favorite outdoor activity: I like to do every kind of outdoor activity but my two favorites are climbing and kayaking/rafting 

Strangest talent you have: I am very good at not falling

What are you happiest doing: Hucking phat dubs off high platforms




Bailey Hardman - Trip initiator & office staff

Major: Junior in Environmental Science

Why you work at the OP: I work at the OP to inspire others to dive deeper into themselves through direct experience with the natural world.

Favorite Outdoor Activity: My favorite outdoor activity is backpacking. I adore the aspect of carrying everything you need to survive on your back and experiencing mother nature from simplicity.

Coolest Talent you have: I tend to interpretive dance here and there. Sometimes its impressive, sometimes it a palm to the face.  

What are you happiest doing: Sustainable farming and practiced, dancing, meditation, yoga and anyway that I can creatively express fills my cup.

Mantra: If I am my foot, then I am the sun.



Alexandrea Bryant - Trip initiator & office staff

Major: Senior in Biology

Why you work at the OP: I work at the OP because I have a passion for being outside and I love to share it with other people. I grew up in small towns surrounded by mountains and national forests. The great outdoors is where I feel most at home, and at the OP, I'm able to keep my fire burning and stoke the fire in others by simply sharing an experience outside. This is awesome. The world is awesome. 

Favorite Outdoor Activity: Asking my favorite outdoor activity isn't fair; it depends on the season. In the summer, you'll probably find me hiking up some mountain somewhere or climbing up some rocks. In the winter, I break out my skiis. Picking a favorite is almost impossible.

Strangest Talent: Fun fact, I can stick a noodle in my nose and make it come out my mouth =) well, I could when I was 14....

What are you happiest doing: I'm happiest when I'm breathing fresh air, painting a picture and stacking rocks. Crafts and art are like meditation for me, and nothing makes me happier than taking my dog on a walk somewhere close to a river where I can find some rocks to stack.

Mantra: Live slow, Think Fast.



Colin Jones- Bike Mechanic

Major: Sophomore in Business

Why you work at the OP: I started working at the op for the envirment and type of people that the OP attracts

Favorite Outdoor Activity: Mountain Biking

Favorite OP Trip: Via Ferrata

What are you happiest doing: Riding my bike on fun flowy trials

Mantra : Smile, Its good for you.



 Chris Bushong - Trip initiator & office staff

Major: Freshman in Environmental Science

Why you work at the OP: I work at the OP because my passion is nature and I enjoy teaching others about the outdoors and show them a bear will not jump from the sky and eat them their first night. The second night is not guaranteed. 

Favorite outdoor activity: Backpacking/mountaineering

What are you happiest doing: Being in the middle of nowhere

Mantra: Time is the currency of life. Spend it wisely. Refunds not accepted.



Matt Rutowski - Trip initiator & office staff

Major: Junior in Environmental Science

Why you work at the OP: I work at the OP to hang out with some cool people, use the refrigerator, do some gnarly things outside.

Favorite outdoor activity: Rock/tree/ice climbing

Coolest talent you have: I am a decent swing dancer. I can make one hell of a sandwich.

What are you happiest doing: I am happiest outside, whether that's on a cliffside, mountain top, or on a casual hike. Something that will always make me smile is sitting at a campfire with some strangers I met earlier that day, and conversating as if we have known each other for year (good friends will give me a bigger smile).

Mantra: Go for it, what's the worst that can happen?



Meghan Cline - Trip initiator & office staff

Major: Junior in Environmental and Physical Science

Why you work at the OP: I work at the OP because I get to turn my passion into a purpose when I can take students out.

Favorite OP trip: My favorite OP trips are the backcountry skiing hut trips

What makes you happiest: Generally, I am happiest when eating snacks while ski touring

Mantra:  I'm as cool as the other side of the pillow



Logan Litle - Trip initiator & office staff

Major: Senior in Mathematics, Statistics Concentration

Why you work at the OP: I love the outdoors and I love teaching. I learned so much from the OP before working here; now I want to pass on my knowledge and give new people the opportunities the OP has given me.

Favorite outdoor activity: Rock climbing!!

Cool talent: I play the drums.

What makes you happiest: when clipping the chains on a tough lead or hanging at the campsite after a long day of sending.

Mantra: It's never too late to learn something new.



Haley Littlefield - Trip initiator & office staff

Major: Sophmore studying Environmental Science

Why you work at the OP:  I work at the OP hoping to get people to fall in love and appreciate the outdoors as much as I do

Favorite Outdoor Activity: favorite outdoor activity is probably climbing

Cool Talent:I guess the coolest talent I have is I was a gymnast for twelve years so I can do a back flip haha

What always makes you smile: what makes me smile is being with amazing people doing fun things outdoors!!


Nick Wrigtht

Nick Wright - Trip initiator & office staff

Nickname: Hawaii

Hometown: Maui, Hawaii

Major: Physics with Mathematics Minor

Favorite OP Trip: Cataract Canyon 2016

Favorite Dutch Oven meal: Thanksgiving Dinner

Mantra: Lick it, stick it, stamp it, send it.



 Bailey Pugh

Bailey Pugh - Trip initiator & office staff

Nickname: Big Bails

Hometown: Steamboat Springs, Colorado Ski Town U.S.A

Major: It depends on the day

Favorite OP Trip: Via Ferrata in Telluride

Favorite Dutch Oven meal: I would have to say brownies and cookies with marshmallows

Mantra:" Be someone that makes everybody feel like a somebody."

4 W's Weird, Wild, Wacky, Wonderer



Conner Bell

Connor Bell - Trip initiator & office staff

Nickname: Dragon

Hometown: Dover, Ohio

Major: I'll choose one, one day

Favorite OP Trip: That one time we went boating

Favorite Dutch Oven meal: Fajita Bake

Mantra: You cant un-run the hole



Chloe Bourdon

Chloe Bourdon - Trip Initiator and Office Staff

Nickname: Chlo

Hometown: Durango, Colorado

Major: Spanish and English Literature

Favorite Trip: Cataract Canyon!

Favorite Dutch Oven Meal: Thanksgiving

Mantra: Stick it to the man!





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