Auditions are required for all music major and minor programs at CMU. Applicants are encouraged to arrange an audition by the CMU Priority Scholarship Audition Deadline of March 11, 2023. Please contact the instructor for your instrument listed below to arrange an online or in-person audition and complete the audition application below. In-person auditions for Fall 2023 are offered during the March 11, 2023 Mesa Experience in the afternoon; we also encourage you to sign up for Mesa Experience here.

Audition submissions

Fill out this form and bring to your audition, or send to your designated instructor.

Audition application

Bring to your audition

Audition Application
Your Instrument
Audition Sheet Music (see below)

Online Music Theory Assessment

Complete the Online Music Theory Assessment here.

All applicants will perform an audition, which also serves as a scholarship audition. Please contact your instrument/voice instructor if you are unable to make this date.

BEFORE your audition:

• Apply for CMU general admission (please also apply for CMU financial aid).
• Schedule your audition time with your instrument/voice instructor.
• Confirm your audition materials with your instrument/voice instructor.

Your audition will consist of:

• CMU music orientation
• Music theory placement examination (note names, major and minor key names from key signatures, time signature, scales, intervals, triads)
• Audition performance

Contact Instructors

Please contact appropriate instructor to schedule your audition and confirm your audition materials.