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Auditions are required for all the music degree and minor programs at CMU. Applicants are encouraged to schedule an audition on CMU Priority Scholarship Audition Day; however, if an on-campus audition is not possible, students may send in a recording (CD, DVD, email, or online).

Audition Day

    • Calendar IconTBD
Audition Application Form

Bring to Your Audition

  • Audition Application
  • Your Instrument
  • Audition Sheet Music (see below)

All applicants will perform an audition, which also serves as a scholarship audition. Please contact your instrument/voice instructor if you are unable to make this date.

BEFORE your audition:

• apply for CMU general admission (please also apply for CMU financial aid).
• schedule your audition time with your instrument/voice instructor.
• confirm your audition materials with your instrument/voice instructor.

Your audition day will consist of:

• CMU music orientation
• music theory placement examination (note names, major and minor key names from key signatures, time signature, scales, intervals, triads)
• audition performance

Contact Instructors

Please contact appropriate instructor to schedule your audition and confirm your audition materials.