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The CMU Music Department is committed to informing students, faculty and staff of health and safety issues inherent to performing and listening to music. This includes but is not limited to students taking responsibility for safely maintaining hearing, vocal and musculoskeletal health as well as injury prevention. While these topics will be addressed during applied lessons and master classes, ultimately it is the responsibility of each student to take action.

Below are important and informational documents from the National Association of Schools of Music.

Information for Faculty and Staff 6/14

Information for Faculty and Staff 11/11

Information for Student Musicians 6/14

Information for Student Musicians

Noise Induced Hearing Loss

Additional Information for Musician's Health and Safety

Hearing Health:



NIOSH Sound Level Meter App

Ted Talk

Fred Flintstone

Foam Insert Ear Plugs

Musculoskeletal Health and Injury Prevention:

A Painful Melody: Repetitive Strain Injury Among Musicians

Musicians Health

Musicians and Their Health Care

Gia Publications, Inc.

Body Mapping

Vocal Health:

Texas Voice Center

Duke Voice Care Center

Singing for a Living