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  • Aspinall Lecturer Dr. Erika Monahan

    Join the Wayne N. and Julia E. Aspinall Foundation and Tomlinson Library for the opening of an exhibit at the library and a presentation from Aspinall Lecturer Dr. Erika Monahan on Tuesday, April 20. The exhibit opens at 6pm in Tomlinson Library and the presentation is at 7pm in the University Center ballroom. 

    The lecture will focus on how in the Cold War, the Soviet Union was America’s political and ideological rival. This rivalry shaped profoundly American encounters with all things Russian well beyond the sphere of geopolitics. Unsurprisingly perhaps, the Russian villain was standard fare in American entertainment. This common trope has outlived the Cold War. Yet, we also find negative tropes about Russians pre-date the ideological rivalry of the Cold War. This talk explores the origins and implications of some enduring tropes about Russians, considering them against the historical record.

  • Learn how police officers make critical decisions

    Topics: Policing Experience, a first mod course held August 23 – October 14, 2021, will introduce students to complex and multi-faceted aspects of policing in the United States. The analysis of police history, legal parameters within law enforcement and field patrol will allow the student to understand the evolution of policing. Through reality based scenarios, students will be able to gain a better understanding of how police officers formulate critical decisions in challenging situations.  

    Students from disciplines other than Criminal Justice who wish to learn more about policing are encouraged to register for this course.

    Topics: Policing Experience

    Course Number: 196-001 (CRN 28477)

    Contact Grand Junction Police Department Officer, Dustin Bovee, MS for more information:

  • Join a Choir!

    Enroll in a choir and you’ll be able to travel to Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania with us in March 2022! CMU choirs are fun and welcoming – no matter your musical ability or major. 

    • Soprano/Alto Choir
    • Tenor/Bass Choir
    • Vocal Arts Ensemble (simple voice assessment required)

     Contact Dr. Kluck for more information:

  • CMU Annual Security Report

    As required by the Campus Security Act, this message is to let you know that the Colorado Mesa University annual security report is now available.

    Links to the reports for the main campus, the Bishop Campus and the Montrose Campus may be found online at A paper copy of the annual security report for any campus is available upon request at the Police Sub-Station, the Office of Human Resources, and the Housing Office on the main campus, as well as the main offices of the Bishop and Montrose campuses.

    This report shows the number of crimes reported on the campus, on public property surrounding the campus, and on certain non-campus facilities for the past three years. It also provides information about crime prevention and safety programs on campus, information for victims of crimes, fire safety and steps to be taken in case of an emergency.

  • Sign up for CMU Emergency Text Messages

    If you have not opted into the Colorado Mesa Emergency Warning System and would like to, please click here and select the "Opt-in / Info Correct" button to complete your registration.

    You can also access this inside MAVzone in the "My Account" page under the "Account Information" dropdown.