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Liz Wigdahl"I like being a part of the Maverick Stampede because it is a great place to make new friends, be a part of the community, and to have an go-to-activity that I can do outside of my normal academics. Many would believe that the marching band is consisted mainly of music majors, but in reality, there many more non-music majors, like myself, who are a part of the organization. It is nice to have the Maverick Stampede as an outlet to let me do something other than the idea of focusing on the academics of school. I am glad to be given the opportunity to do both science and music in college and am looking forward to the new season in the fall. Go Mavs!"

Liz Wigdahl is a Biology major with a Chemistry minor at Colorado Mesa University. Her primary instrument is the trombone and was the trombone section leader of the fall 2017 marching season. In the future, Liz would like to be somewhere in a lab working hard to help find scientific cures to many world problems. But for now, she is happy to be working towards her degree and being able to play music on the side. She is not just in the Maverick Stampede but is also a part of the CMU's Wind Symphony. So even though it can be crazy trying to do two subjects at once, Liz has learned a lot on how to time manage, communicate, and focus on the bigger picture, which has allowed her to grow as a person and student. Enjoying the best of both worlds, she is grateful for an organization and school that allows her to do so.