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Colorado Mesa University is committed to providing students with instruction of the highest quality. Course evaluations are one tool used by the institution for the continuous development of programs, courses, and teaching effectiveness. Faculty members rely on candid feedback, which is anonymous and will remain strictly confidential, to maintain/improve their teaching methods as well as course content. Students should provide constructive feedback to let faculty know what they are doing right and where you feel they can approve. Aggregate feedback from course evaluations is released to instructors after grades have been submitted.

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Dates evaluations will be available to complete for the Spring 2024 semester

  • J-Term Courses: January 11 – January 20
  • First Module (Courses ending on or prior to March 15): March 4 – March 15
  • Second Module and Full-Term (Courses ending between March 15 and May 16): April 29 - May 10

Note that any course falling outside the full-term, first-mod, and second-mod time frames will still be evaluated.


  • Students can access the evaluations via a link in an email sent to the student notifying them of the evaluations. The notification email will be sent the day the evaluations are initially available. Students should check their CMU email regularly for these notifications.
  • Reminder emails will be sent periodically if evaluations have not been completed.
  • All emails will be sent from “CMU Surveys” with an email address of [email protected].
  • An announcement will be posted in all D2L course shells notifying students of the evaluations. The announcement will also include a link to the evaluations.
  • Students can link to the evaluations in D2L by clicking on the “Course Evaluations” link in the bar at the top of the page.


  • Faculty should inform students of the dates the evaluation will be available and encourage them to fill it out giving examples of changes made based on previous evaluations and the importance of their feedback.
  • Faculty members are encouraged to email their students to remind them to complete the evaluations.
  • If the course is face-to-face, faculty are encouraged to take class time to have students complete the evaluations on their phones or laptops by having them check their email or D2L course shell during class. This instance would be very similar to completing the evaluations on paper.
  • Remind students that the evaluation results are anonymous and results are not given to faculty until after grades roll

 Informational Video

The video below is a short tutorial on course evaluations and how students can access them.

For questions or concerns, please email the Office of Institutional Research, Planning and Decision Support at: [email protected]