Where: Forensic Investigation Research Station, Whitewater, Colorado

When: TBD

How much: $695

Contact: Alex Smith at [email protected]

The course is geared toward law enforcement officers, death investigators and others in the medico-legal field, but graduate students in related fields will also be considered at the discretion of the FIRS Director.

The course runs from Monday to noon on Friday, The workshop is composed of both classroom and field exercises. Lectures include: grave location techniques, differentiating human and non-human bone, surface search techniques, excavation techniques and documentation, and the collection of entomological data.  Field exercises include all of the above with a full day of excavation, broken over two days (the FIRS locale is cooler in the mornings and outdoor exercises will be scheduled to take advantage of that). Course will be capped at 16 participants, so that excavation groups will not exceed 5 individuals.

Included in the cost are snacks, beverages, lunches, a hardcopy of course materials, t-shirt, and FIRS patch.