With annual expenditures of over $100 billion, environmental work is a significant part of our economy. Graduates have a variety of opportunities for employment with consulting firms, industry, government, and advocacy organizations. We have a success rate over 90% - that is, nearly all of our graduates who have kept us informed of their positions have found work in the environmental field. A few of the graduates from our program are highlighted below.

Federal Job Standards

Click here for a PDF file showing education and experience required for jobs with the U.S. Federal government in natural resources management.

Zachary Siemsen

Graduation: 2018 

Place of employment: Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys (AK DGGS) Anchorage, AK

Job title: Geologist I-Coastal

Zachary is a coastal geologist with the State of Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys Coastal Hazards Program assisting in monitoring coastal shoreline change, flooding, and associated natural hazards studies that impact communities and infrastructure in Alaska. Zachary has conducted extensive investigations within natural resources, environmental science, geology, and ecology throughout Alaska for public and private sector organizations. 

Trevor Smith

Graduation: 2019

Place of Employment: Palisade High School 

Job title: Science Teacher

After working for several environmental consulting firms, Trevor went back to CMU and completed a one-year Initial Teacher Licensure (ITL) Program to obtain a Teaching Certificate in Secondary Education, Science. Trevor is currently teaching environmental science and chemistry at Palisade High School, District 51 Mesa County.  

Bryn Marah

Graduation: 2016

Place of employment: USDA Forest Service

Job Title: Rangeland Management Specialist, Ouray Ranger District, GMUG National Forest

Bryn administers livestock grazing permits on over 400,000 acres of National Forest. She works with a team of natural resource specialists (including internal and external partners) to manage ecological systems through adaptive management strategies, invasive species management, and multidisciplinary projects. A large component of her position involves using horses and mules to administer permits, complete vegetation monitoring, and pack for various projects. 

Francisco Hernandez 

Graduation: 2016

Place of employment: Bureau of Reclamation

Job Title: GIS Specialist/Geographer

Francisco worked as an intern with the Bureau of Reclamation while a student at CMU and was hired in a full-time position upon graduation.  As a GIS Specialist/Geographer, he integrates spatial data from censuses, field observation, satellite imagery, aerial photographs, and existing maps and determines how best the information can be displayed spatially using GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and CAD (Computer Aided Design). 

Zoe Aldous

Graduation: 2017

Place of employment: RSI Entech

Job Title: UMTRCA Title II Site Lead

RSI Entech is the primary contractor for the Department of Energy Legacy Management. UMTRCA (Uranium Mill Tailings Radiation Control Act) Title II Sites are former uranium milling and processing sites that have undergone remediation and the radioactive waste is contained within an onsite disposal cell. A site lead is responsible for managing the UMTRCA site which includes drafting long-term surveillance plans, groundwater sampling and monitoring plans, conservation reuse projects, performing annual inspections of the disposal cell.

Ana Hinojosa

Graduation: 2020.

Place of Employment: Conservation Colorado

Job Title: Field Organizer

As Conservation Colorado’s Grand Junction Field Organizer, Ana is a key part of the team in cultivating substantial, authentic, and racially diverse voices across the state supporting conservation issues. Ana is focused on securing protections for our environment and natural resources while advancing a conservation ethic that provides for healthy communities, social justice, and expanded public engagement.

Jeff Purdy

Graduation: 2019

Place of employment: Capco LLC

Job Title: Environmental, Health, and Safety Manager

As the Environmental, Health, and Safety Manager, Jeff is responsible for developing, implementing and monitoring compliance policies throughout the Capco organization. This includes training employees on safety, policies and procedures, as well as utilizing risk-based decision-making with documented justification for decisions.

Sierra Mitchell

Graduation: 2020

Place of employment: Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (Water Quality Control Division)

Job Title: PFAS Program Coordinator (Environmental Protection Specialist)

Sierra manages the SB20-218 PFAS Grant Program which funds projects that monitor and treat PFAS in Colorado Communities.