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What is Environmental Science?

Environmental Science is the study of the relationships among humans, other organisms, and the non-living physical environment, with an emphasis on the impacts of human activities. Technology, when used wisely, contributes to the solution of current environmental problems and the prevention of new ones.

Why major in Environmental Science?

Although the modern era of environmental protection and restoration is 30 years old, we continue to face an array of complex, challenging problems. These problems range from the local scale, such as a polluted mine site, to the global scale, such as resource use that affects our land, air, water and ecosystems. If we are to maintain and improve the quality of life for current and future generations, we must respond to these problems with timely and effective solutions. Our program in Environmental Science and Technology will prepare you to be part of the solution to these environmental challenges. Students who enjoy doing science, particularly in an outdoor setting, and solving challenging problems will find this work to be deeply satisfying.

Why study Environmental Science at Colorado Mesa University?

In the Colorado Mesa University program, we emphasize understanding, protecting and restoring land, air and water resources. A large portion of the program is devoted to field work. The opportunities to do this fieldwork are abundant in the Grand Junction area, with its surrounding private and public lands, and water resources. In addition, our faculty have a variety of specialties, enabling our students to gain experience in a wide variety of areas. Class sizes are small, leading to quality interactions with the instructors. Please click here for the program requirements for the B.S. in Environmental Science & Technology.