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Computer Science Overview  

Study software (programs) and hardware (electronics) and how they are integrated into the design of systems. Look at a wide field of applications, to see what systems are needed, and then go into how they can best be provided. See not only what is needed now, but how things actually work, and how they may work in the future.

Investigate how human reasoning and behavior can be imitated, and even surpassed, by computer systems: in language understanding, vision, decision making, artificial intelligence and video games.

Learn how software and hardware can be embedded within mobile phones, MP3 players, cars and medical equipment. And much more!

Learn how modern applications, cloud, networks, and systems can be hacked and learn to design them securely to avoid from being hacked.

Programs of Study

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science 

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Flowchart

Associates Degrees, Liberal Arts, Computer Science

Minor, Computer Science

Web Application Development Professional Certificate

Data Science Professional Certificate


Essential Learning Student Outcomes

Bachelor of Science In Computer Science

A.S. Liberal Arts

Computer Science Emphasis

Minor In Computer Science

Student Outcomes Data

83% of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science graduates from 2013-2016 are employed in their field!

Data for Bachelor of Science graduates

Essential Learning Student Outcomes  Courses

Computer Science Course

Assessment Plan 2013