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CMU will place one college and career advisors at each of the four traditional high schools, as well as with eighth grade middle school students. The fifth advisor is placed in the Montrose and Olathe area to assist with high school students from those high schools. Advisors and the individual school counseling departments will assist in identifying students who are less likely to have their personal post high school plan in place. This group of students will become the caseload of the Career and College Advisor.


Meet with individuals for career planning, college information, assistance with applications and financial aid (FAFSA and Scholarships).


Present in classrooms to promote Career and Interest inventories, inform students about how to apply for college, build a resumé and write college essays.


Provide job-shadowing, apprenticeships, community college tours, university tours and trips to college or career fairs. 


Work alongside high school counselors and teachers for all things post-secondary planning. Identify individual students at each school who do not have planned career or education goals.


Begin the Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP) at the eighth grade for all MCVSD#51 students.