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CMU has partnered with Mesa County Valley District 51 and Montrose County schools to implement college and career advisors in the county’s high schools, including Grand Junction, Fruita Monument, Central, Palisade, Montrose, Olathe and Peak Virtual Academy.

The mission of the College and Career Advisor program is to ensure high school seniors and their families gain an in-depth perspective on the different ways they can better themselves after graduation — whether that is continuing on to higher education,  pursuing internship opportunities or joining the military.

Why is this program important?

For the student

Making decisions for “after high school” can be overwhelming for both the student and the family. Financial considerations are a priority for many families. Understanding the possibilities of post-secondary options, scholarships, grants and navigating the FAFSA are all areas in which advisors can assist students. Job opportunities are growing for those with higher education, while those heading into the workforce straight after high school can be at a disadvantage with lower pay and fewer job opportunities.


For the community

There is a direct correlation between the education level of the population and overall community success. According to the College Board’s Education Pays 2013 Report, when a community has a more educated population, there are very distinctive benefits including increased wages, increased tax revenues, less dependence on government subsidies, healthier lifestyles and reduced spending on health care and more engaged citizens. All of these benefits contribute to stronger and more vibrant communities.

Did you know?

According to the National Student Clearinghouse report on 2016 graduates, less than 48.76% of Mesa County Valley School District #51 graduates and less than 45.91% of Montrose County high school graduates further their education within the first year of graduation.

Program Goals

How can you help?


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