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Welcome Students to Colorado Mesa University Career Services 

At Colorado Mesa University, our dedicated Career Services Office is committed to assisting you in achieving your career aspirations. Our comprehensive range of services encompasses every stage of your career journey. You can find our conveniently located Career Services Office in the heart of the University Center, right next to the Mavard Office, where we are readily available to support and guide you towards your professional goals.

Career Development 

Explore career paths, build impressive resumes and cover letters, find internships, develop job search strategies, take career assessments, practice mock interviews, discover on-campus/part-time job opportunities, enhance your LinkedIn profile, and receive personal statement review. 

Career Exploration 

Explore comprehensive career resources, including assessments, job shadowing, academic program information, and detailed job insights to make informed career choices.  

Find a Job 

Discover job opportunities on and off campus, create professional profiles, upload application materials, schedule virtual appointments with career counselors, and register for CMU Career Services events. Applying for jobs is easy, and having a complete Handshake profile enhances your chances of attracting employer interest. 


Explore the world of internships as a vital part of your education. Our team supports you throughout the internship process, from finding opportunities to securing academic credit. Connect with your faculty internship coordinator, complete required paperwork, register for the course, and embark on your internship journey. 

Graduate School 

Career Services offers support for your graduate school journey. Contact us to discuss options and get assistance with your applications. Explore both CMU's graduate programs and global opportunities through resources like Master's Portal.