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The CMU Student Business Closet is open!

The Student Business Closet offers FREE professional clothing to CMU and CMU Tech students for professional events, such as career fairs, networking, and job interviews. While at the Closet, students may try on and take professional clothing at no cost. At the moment, this service is only available to currently enrolled students.


How it Works:

Students may visit the Closet in a few locations. The current locations of our racks are as follows:

  • The Davis School of Business, located in Dominguez Hall, Room 101C, CMU Main Campus
  • CMU Career Services, located in the University Center, Room 107, CMU Main Campus
  • More locations coming soon...

Additionally, the hours of the Closet may vary based on the location of the rack, demand, staff availability, and facility schedules. The hours of each rack are:

  • Davis School of Business, Room 101C: 9 am-5 pm, M-F
  • CMU Career Services: 9 am-6 pm, M-F

Need Something Specific?

Looking for a specific item or specialized piece of clothing like scrubs, specific sizes, colors,etc.! Please submit the form below at least 4 weeks prior to needing the item!


*Please note: not all requests may be accepted or fulfilled due to item availability.

Interested in Donating?

There are lots of options available for supporting the Student Business Closet! For more information on donating or supporting the Student Business Closet, please visit the "Support the Closet" page here, or by emailing [email protected].