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The Department of Biological Sciences works collaboratively with the Center for Teacher Education to help students progress towards teacher certification.

Students who are interested in becoming teachers need to apply to the Teaching Program through the Center for Teacher Education in addition to declaring their majors in Biology.

Once in the Program, students work with advisors in Biology to complete their requirements. Biology students wishing to teach at the Secondary Level begin their degree programs by taking courses that give them an excellent background not only in Biology but also in Chemistry, Geology, and Physics. This ensures that they will perform well on all of the sections of the exam they will need to take to earn their licensure in Secondary Education in Science.

Core Coursework for the Teaching Concentration

  • Principles of Animal Biology (BIOL 106)
  • Principles of Animal Biology Lab (BIOL 106L)
  • Principles of Plant Biology (BIOL 107)
  • Principles of Plant Biology Lab (BIOL 107L)
  • Principles of Chemistry (CHEM 121)
  • Principles of Chemistry Lab (CHEM 121L)
  • Principles of Organic Chemistry (CHEM 122)
  • Principles of Organic Chemistry Lab (CHEM 122L)
  • Principles of Physical Geology (GEOL 111) or Field Based Introduction to Physical Geology (GEOL 113)
  • Principles of Physical Geology Lab (GEOL 111L) or Field Based Introduction to Physical Geology Lab(GEOL 113L)
  • Principles of Historical Geology (GEOL 112)
  • Principles of Historical Geology Lab (GEOL 112L)
  • General Physics I (PHYS 111)
  • General Physics Lab I (PHYS 111L)
  • General Physics II (PHYS 112)
  • General Physics II Lab (PHYS 112L)

In addition to these completing these requirements, students must also satisfy GENERAL EDUCATION requirements and take upper division courses in BIOLOGY and in EDUCATION.

For a listing of upper-division courses in Biology and Education, see the Colorado Mesa University catalog. The catalog may be viewed online in the Academics section of the website.

Teaching Advisors

Dr. Denise McKenney and Dr. Eriek Hansen specialize in advising students who are interested in the pathway to becoming teachers of Biology at the secondary level.

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