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Western Colorado's Selective University

How to Join

Any student wishing to participate in a CMU Athletic Band, must also participate in the fall marching band (Maverick Stampede) during that same academic year.
Maverick Stampede on Field

Many members of the Maverick Stampede receive a marching band specific scholarship for their participation.  Scholarships typically range from $200-$500 depending on the student's ability, positive contribution to the ensemble, previous experience, and prior years of service with the Maverick Stampede.  You do not need to be a music major to receive a marching band scholarship.  With the large size of this ensemble, it is not possible for everyone to receive a scholarship, and thus will be offered to select students and/or students who specifically seek this opportunity (via a simple video audition, see below).

Dr. Hinkle reserves the right to award scholarships to students directly.

Additional award money for participation in CMU Athletic Bands can be earned by applying for and becoming an official student leader or by participating in the Maverick Sound (pep-band, January-March) or the Rowdy Brass Band(August-May).

How to apply for scholarships

Prospective members of the "Maverick Stampede" should complete the marching band’s online information form to ensure your spot and order uniform items. Prospective members should communicate with your section leader (Leadership announced in May) with questions and to let them know you will be in their section. 

While there is currently no audition requirement to join the wind section of the "Maverick Stampede," prospective members of the drumline are required to perform an audition. See the information under “Auditions” for more information.

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All Maverick Stampede members must register for MUSP 147, 247, 347 as well as fill-out the Maverick Stampede Intent to Participate Form. For planning and drill-writing purposes, please do both of these now and/or before June 1 if possible.  Students that do not take these steps run the risk of not having spots in half-time and pre-game shows.

The Maverick Stampede is an official CMU course available for either 1 Kinesiology credit (a requirement for all CMU students) or for "zero" credit. Participants are required to participate in a short preseason camp, held one week before classes begin each fall. Although the marching band season may seem time consuming to some, students in this course will not have obligations outside of class time or past the last home football game. Regular season rehearsals are from 6-9pm on Tuesday & Thursday evenings starting the first day of the fall term.  Feel free to stop by a rehearsal or come to a game to see the Stampede in action!

Register now for Fall 2017!

  • MUSP 147 (1st year participant)
    • CRN 27966 - Section 001: 1 Kinesiology/Elective credit option (KINE credit available 1 time only)
  • MUSP 247 (2nd year participant)
    • CRN 28291 - Section 001: 1 Kinesiology/Elective credit option (KINE credit available 1 time only)
    • CRN 28292 - Section 002: 0 credit option (no cost option)
  • MUSP 347 (3rd year participant)
    • CRN 27968 - Section 001: 1 Kinesiology/Elective credit option (KINE credit available 1 time only)
    • CRN 28293 - Section 002: 0 credit option (no cost option)