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Western Colorado's Selective University

Distance Education at CMU

At CMU, we understand the constant challenge of having to balance your educational pursuits with other life commitments.

Distance education provides quality online courses which enable students to create their own learning experience through collaboration and engagement with faculty and other students in a vibrant learning community.

Accessing Desire2Learn

Visit the MAVzone Login Page to access Desire2Learn (D2L).

With an Internet connection, Colorado Mesa University students can participate in online courses form any location in the world. CMU provides web-based instruction, online access to course materials that include frequent student-teacher, student-student, and student-content interaction.

CMU's online education may feature any of the following:

  • Faculty and student discussion forums with threaded bulletin boards.
  • Real-time electronic classrooms with graphical presentation and audio.
  • Online submission of assignments in multimedia formats.

Online Faculty Spotlight

Peggy Graham

Peggy GrahamIn Steve Job’s powerful commencement speech at Stanford, he talked about connecting the dots that you can only do looking backwards. Now, I can connect the dots along the way leading to the highlight of my career which is the recent CMU “Best Use of Technology” award.  In the “Meet the Instructor” section of my online classes, I tell the students that one of the luckiest things about my life is that I majored in English at Park University in Missouri and got a Masters in Education with a Reading Specialist certification at the University of Missouri at Kansas City.  I found a career that I have just loved and isn’t “just a job.”

Critical mile markers along the way include having leading researchers in reading comprehension and literacy for professors in graduate school, exposure to Bloom’s Taxonomy, and attendance at International Reading conferences. I was trained in reading strategies, the writing process and whole language to give in-services. Susan Konantz shared her enthusiasm about her teaching experience at CMU. I saw it as a fit for me as I already had a “bag” of reading and writing strategies for students to choose from. The Online Teaching Essentials outcome-based learning course helped me to develop an online class with my “hands-on,” individual-oriented approach to teaching. For a vocabulary log, students can send me a picture of their index cards, computer log or share index cards on their Quizlet app. I use Grademark to individualize grading essays.  In Writing studio, I post essays on the discussion board for students to edit and discuss. I love teaching online courses to students who want a new start and can only fit it into their present lives by taking advantage of the flexibility online teaching offers. 

 In my spare time, I love to read, swim and ride my bike.