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Greater Opportunity for Academic and Life Success

GOALS is an academic support program that provides academic and personal assistance to students who have been placed into an associate degree program so they can become better prepared to enter a 4-year baccalaureate program. The GOALS Program provides the support to build the skills needed to succeed both in and out of the classroom.

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As a GOALS student, you will:

Attend the GOALS Early Start Program

At this event, students arrive early to campus, meet peers and instructors, become familiar with the campus and campus resources, and participate in activities designed to help you jump start your first academic year.

Take a 1.0 credit College Success course (UNIV 100) in your first semester and participate in College Success workshops

The UNIV 100 class provides students with the tools necessary for academic, personal and professional growth. Strategies for goal-setting, time management and using college resources help strengthen motivation and achievement.

Meet regularly with GOALS advising and support staff

Students meet regularly with the GOALS Lead Advisor and GOALS Peer Coaches to discuss academics, personal goals, as well as major and career options. Support staff provide encouragement and counsel until you transition into the bachelor’s degree. 

Explore possible majors and careers.

GOALS students will investigate how their academic path can lead to a practical and rewarding career. In addition to learning about four-year programs, you will also learn about one-year certificates and two-year associate degree programs.

Enroll in a maximum of 15 credit hours during the first semester, taking preparatory math and/or English classes, if needed.

“The GOALS program is that extra motivation to do well in college. There’s a great group of people to help keep you on track and who want to see you succeed.”
— Anna, GOALS Graduate, Social Work Major

To Learn more about the GOALS program review the Frequently Asked Questions 

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Contact the GOALS Lead Advisor:
Mackenzie Lewis
[email protected]
Lowell Heiny Hall, SSE Offices