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Below are some helpful tips to start adopting OER for your classroom. Adoption is the fastest solution toward eliminating textbooks and other course materials in your classroom because OER materials are used "as is". 

Step 1

Set aside time

Searching for these materials takes time and persistence, just like research! As you begin, also consider possible sources of funding for your efforts at CMU.

Step 3

Focus on your learning objectives

Instead of focusing on the textbook that you would like to replace, focus on what you would like students to know or be able to do. You will likely need to search for several materials to address different topics or components of your complete class. 

Example: instead of searching for “biology” materials, search for “cell structure” or “DNA” or “evolution” materials.

Step 4

Consider adapting or creating your own OER

If you're unable to find OER that suit your instructional needs, learn how to adapt or create your own.

Step 5

Use and share OER

Review our guide for sharing your adopted resource with your students and preparing for technological needs and requirements.