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CMU Montrose faculty are specialists in their field and skilled teachers

To make sure you receive an excellent education, the faculty members at CMU Montrose are accomplished professionals and seasoned teachers.  They hold advanced degrees and many years of practical experience in their area of specialty.  CMU Montrose faculty have a collective goal to pass along their knowledge and experience to you.  To learn more about our faculty, click on their names below.

Bruce Ackerman
Lecturer of Biology
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Brigette Archuleta
Lecturer of Psychology and University Skills
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Lidia Bond
Lecturer of Spanish
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Dale Call
Lecturer of Biology
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Rhonda Claridge
Instructor of English
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Kim Gastineau
Lecturer of Business
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Valerie Harper
Lecturer of Biology
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Steven Metheny
Lecturer of Computer Information Systems
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AJ Smith
Instructor of Languages, Literature and Mass Communication
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AliceJean Smith
Lecturer of Speech
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Vicki Zarlingo
Assistant Professor of Nursing
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