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AJ Smith dedicated 38 years to teaching and coaching at Delta High School and Montrose High School. She has been one of the longest running instructors at the CMU Montrose Campus, teaching for over 20 years. Her expertise spreads from theater arts and communications to English and French, while taking on coaching positions for volleyball, cross country, track, flags, and speech. Through all this, there is one primary consistency: the student. Smith believes that each person has their own learning style and past experiences. A quote she lives by: "I cannot teach anybody anything; I can only make them think."

A previous member of the board for Colorado Education Association Higher Ed, she is currently involved as an active member of the Colorado Education Initiative and National Education Association higher education council. She was also a Children's advocate at Tri-County Resource Center for 6 years and a crisis advocate for 14. Smith also has experience as a life coach at the Brown Juvenile Center.

Smith and her husband (a retired music teacher) have 9 children, 13 grandkids, 8 foster kids, and grandkids.