CMU Montrose offers associate degrees in business administration and applied business.   Depending on whether you want to run your own business, expand your skills, or be more competitive in the job market, our advising staff can help you select the degree program that is right for you.  Classes are offered in the evening for working students and are available online as well.  If you decide to set your academic sights higher, both degrees are a springboard to transition into CMU bachelor’s degree programs in business administration or applied business.

Applied Business, Frontline Supervision

Associate of Applied Science

The applied business program teaches students essential business skills for the workplace, particularly how to be an effective front-line supervisor. This program is suited for students interested in running their own business or being hired or promoted by employers.

Courses teach skills related to employee supervision, customer service, marketing, budgeting, human resources, office software tools (e.g., Excel, Outlook, Word), and problem solving. 

Students in this program have the flexibility of taking courses on-line or in-person. Students may choose to complete the certificate in applied business before completing the associate degree.

Applied Business Information

Frontline Supervision Program Requirements

Liberal Arts, Business Administration

Associate of Arts

While similar to the applied business program, the business administration program places greater emphasis on students receiving a liberal arts education and learning theories and concepts related to business. 

Students take courses in history, humanities, natural sciences and other topics that broaden their knowledge about the world and strengthen their ability to think critically and communicate effectively both in writing and orally.

Coursework in business includes economics, business law, business communications, information technology, and accounting.

Liberal Arts, Business Administration Program Requirements