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Liberal Arts, Business Administration

Associate of Arts

The associate of arts in liberal arts degree can function as a terminal degree or can function as a pathway into a baccalaureate degree in the humanities. The degree program meets the requirements of the Colorado Statewide General Education Core. A student who is granted this degree can transfer to any institution in Colorado and graduate in a baccalaureate degree program by taking no more than 60 hours from that institution.

The business administration program places emphasis on students receiving a liberal arts education along with learning theories and concepts related to business. Students take courses in history, humanities, natural sciences and other topics that broaden their knowledge about the world and strengthen their ability to think critically and communicate effectively both in writing and orally. Coursework in business includes economics, business law, business communications, information technology and accounting.

This degree is a springboard to transition into CMU bachelor’s degree program in business administration.

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