Machine and Manufacturing Trades

The Montrose campus has opened a new machining lab and now offers a number of courses that are part of the technical certificate program in Machine and Manufacturing Trades offered by Western Colorado Community College, the community college branch of CMU. The first semester starts January 22, 2019.  Students can take six courses in the program in the span of 16 weeks at the Montrose campus for a total of over 300 hours of instruction. The courses include introduction to machine shop, machine technology, print reading, geometric tolerancing, applied math, safety and introduction to manufacturing. 

The program is designed to meet industry standards. Attitude and quality of workmanship is stressed. Career options for students who complete the full certificate include entry-level machinist, computer-numerical control operator, numerical tool and process technician, manufacturing engineering technician, and manufacturing inspection technician. Courses are taught by experience instructors in the new machining technology lab on the CMU Montrose campus. Financial aid is available for qualified students. 

Mod (8 wks)
Semester (16 wks)

Course  Number

Course Name

Academic Credits

Days Class Meets

Class Meeting Times

1st mod
Jan 22–March 16

MAMT 101

Introduction to Manufacturing


Monday and Wednesday



MAMT  115

Introduction to Machine Shop


Monday and Wednesday



MAMT 105

Print Reading/Sketching


Tuesday and Thursday


2nd mod
March 25–May 10, Finals
May 13–16

MAMT 106

Geometric Tolerancing


Tuesday and Thursday



MAMT 120

Machine Technology


Monday and Wednesday


Full Semester
Jan 22–May 10
May 13–16

MATH 107

Career Math


Tuesday and Thursday



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