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  • Students have the option of receiving college credit and high school credit or enrolling just for high school credit.
  • Tuition for each program is free for students receiving a grade of C or higher. Students are financially responsible for tuition if they earn a grade of D or F.  
  • Each program has a required lab fee to be paid by the student each year they are in the program. The fee covers course materials and related expenses.
  • The Medical Preparation and Early Childhood Education have required college textbooks which students will need to purchase.
  • Students are responsible for transporting themselves to and from the CMU Montrose campus and their off-campus training setting.
  • Students 18 years of age and older in the Medical Preparation or Early Childhood Education program are required to go through a background check. These programs include a training experience in an educational or medical setting and Colorado law requires a background check to work or participate in training in these settings. 

About Each Program