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MA, University of Northern Colorado
BA, Theology: Latin American Theological Seminary
BA, ISP José Jiménez Borja (Tacna, Peru)


Born and educated in Peru, Lidia received her bachelor's degree in math and science. She completed her master's degree in foreign language Spanish teaching from the University of Northern Colorado.

Lidia is an experienced teacher and has taught Spanish, including advance placement Spanish, at Montrose High School since 2005. Previously, she taught math and science in Peru. Her academic interests include Spanish language and culture, Spanish in the U.S., Spanish for native speakers and foreign language education. She currently teaches Spanish classes at Colorado Mesa.

Applying her teaching experience, Lidia designs and implements creative lesson plans for students. She views Spanish as a skill one develops, not just a topic to study. Becoming fluent requires diligent and repetitive practice over time. Language acquisition is a lifelong journey of discovery and refinement.

Outside of the classroom, Lidia is an active member of the Montrose community and has been involved in English as a Second Language programs as well as college-access programs.