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On Sunday, April 25, 2021, the CMU Music Department will be producing its first PRISM Concert showcasing ALL of our department ensembles (big and small) and a few solo acts from faculty and highly prepared students.  Acts will perform in a back-to-back format from various ‘stages’ around a centered (outside) audience.  

As a finale to this concert the CMU Drumline and Maverick Stampede (along with all other department performers, including vocalists) will perform surrounding our outside audience – of course in a safe manner – more on this later.   For this augural concert, we would like to invite all Maverick Stampede alumni to perform with us, as well as other music department performers.  Of course, this will present its challenges for our band as we will not have been together since October.  In any case, here’s the plan: 

Drumline – Performs “Maroon Platoon,” “Fight Song,” and “Jam” only.  All Fall 2020, 2019, 2018 drumline participants are welcome to perform in this line, pending available instruments, 1st priority to Fall 2020 participants – Tyler Epsom & Isaac Lavadie will be in touch with details.  Rehearsals required – see below.

Winds & Guard – All past participants that have and can still perform “The Hymn of Axiom,” “Fight Song,” and “Jam” are welcome to participate in this event.   Students needing to use Stampede-owned instruments (free, first come first served) will meet at Stampede Center Garage @ 3pm on Friday, April 23.  

Mark your calendars NOW with this schedule
  1. Monday, April 19, 5-6pm: Drumline rehearsal #1 @ Stampede Center field – Quick warm-up & “Maroon Platoon”  
  2. Wednesday, April 21, 5-6pm: Drumline rehearsal #2 @ Stampede Center field – Quick warm-up & “Maroon Platoon”  
  3. Friday, April 23, 5-6pm: Full ensemble rehearsal @ Academic Quad (between Moss Pef. Arts Building & Library) – Quick warm-up, Hymn of Axiom, Fight Song, Jam 
  4. Sunday, April 25: Performance Day @ Academic Quad – 1-2:30pm Dress-rehearsal run of full PRISM program, 4-5:30pm Concert 
Let’s do this!  -Dr. Hinkle