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Teacher helping children with blocks


  • Tuition payments are due by the 1st of each month. 
  • No refunds are given for the days a child is absent.
  • Little Mavs has limited CCAP spots available.
  • Creating affordable childcare for students is a priority at CMU.  Associated Student Government's Affordable Childcare Scholarship Initiative reduces childcare rates for students.  Contact the director for more information.
  • Unpaid tuition will result in a suspension of services until the balance is paid in full.



Full day ~ 5 or more hours a day                        

Part day ~ less than 5 hours a day



(20 days per month)

Students and Faculty click here for sign-in.  



Required minimum of 5 full days each week.


(ages 0-2.5)


(ages 2.5-4)


(age 4 to the start of kindergarten)

5 full-time days $1040 $880 $780


School Aged Kids:

Big Kids

(start of kindergarten through age 12)

Tuesday/Thursday $280
Monday/Wednesday/Friday $420
5 full-time days $700