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New Dimensions Lifelong Learning Institute is a membership education program for Grand Valley adults 50 and older offering a variety of classes focused on academic and personal enrichment.

  • For a $75 per term membership fee, take as many New Dimensions classes as you want as long as there's room in the class.
  • There are no tests, no papers, no grades and you earn no credit.
  • Classes are taught by volunteer instructors with expertise and personal passion for their subject.

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Course Offerings

Beginning Birding with Cary Atwood, new dimensions participants with binoculars viewing birdsClasses reflect an academic focus featuring an array of disciplines such as history, science, philosophy, ethics, political science, art, literature, economics, current issues, nature study, performing arts, and more. New Dimensions members are encouraged to make suggestions for potential class topics and instructors. While some courses may be offered regularly, others may be changed, added or deleted from term to term.

 (Pictured: Beginning Birding with Cary Atwood)

Course Selection

  • will provide diverse and intellectually stimulating offerings in a wide variety of academic disciplines to include but not limited to: history, science, literature, political science, ethics, philosophy, economics, nature study, humanities, art studies including history and appreciation, and current issues.
  • will include topics of controversy and concern and ensure that instruction represents information on all sides of an issue.


  • will create a welcoming classroom encouraging all participants to engage and interact through a variety of formats including discussion, small groups, question, and presentation.
  • will respect the diverse opinions of participants.
  • will remain neutral in presenting controversial material and will include information on various positions on the subject.
  • will represent varied ethnic and racial groups whenever possible.