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Job Placement Rates and Enrollment in Further Education

As part of our on-going assessment process, every degree program at Colorado Mesa University must go through a program review process on a 6 year rotation. The program review schedule is staggered so only several programs are reviewed every year. A portion of the review process is an alumni survey. The survey was created in 2007 by a committee comprised of faculty and staff. On an annual basis, the Office of Institutional Research, Planning and Decision Support attempts to administer the survey to all graduates from the programs being reviewed, who graduated within the last five years. The results are then compiled and given back to the individual departments to help in the assessment process.  The results below were updated in Fall 2021.  

Portions of the survey pertain to the employment status of the former students and further schooling they may have received. Of the graduates who responded to the survey, 67.9% identified themselves as being employed in a field related to their degree. Also, 31.4% of the respondents have indicated enrolling in further education since graduating.  

Professional Exam Pass Rates