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CMU's Technology Recommendations

Technology needs will vary by course but the majority of courses are covered by the recommendations below.

You will need basic computer skills and should be comfortable using a word processing program, browsing for files, and copying and pasting between programs. You should have access to a computer that connects to high-speed internet and know your username and password. If you do not own a computer or if your computer malfunctions during the term, you will be expected to identify a computer to use.

To have the best learning experience possible, Colorado Mesa University strongly recommends students use the following technology minimums:

  • High-speed Internet connection
  • Microsoft Windows 10 or higher
  • Microsoft Office 2019 or later (CMU offers Microsoft 365 free of cost to all students. Check out IT's Get Started: Students web page > Microsoft 365.)
  • Mac OS 12 (Monterey) or higher
  • The current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (
  • D2L works best with Chrome and Firefox. You may also use the new Chromium version of Edge. Safari does NOT work reliably with D2L. The old versions of Edge and Internet Explorer are NOT supported by D2L. Remember to keep your browser updated. For more information on supported browsers for desktop and mobile devices, check out D2L’s Brightspace Help Browser Support.
  • To check your personal system, check out D2L’s System Check.
  • For courses using multimedia, you will also need speakers or earphones to play sound.
  • Please note: A Chromebook is NOT compatible with all technology needed for online classes.