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Mae MacIntire, PhD, teaches courses in Psychology, including Human Growth and Development, Learning and Behavior, Sport Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, and Psyc of Interviewing. She works with students from a Humanistic perspective, seeking to help them find their inner drive to learn and grow. MacIntire enjoys helping students find ways to connect the material to their own majors or solve problems in the world outside the classroom. She enjoys mentoring students on their way to becoming mental health or other social service providers. As a licensed psychologist with additional training in Sport Psychology, Gerontology, and Career Counseling, MacIntire's research interests vary across the clinical, counseling, career, and sport domains. Some of her recent research interests include 1) burnout and work-life balance among social service, mental health, medical, and athletics staff, 2) access and utilization of mental health services, 3) the psychological side of physical health, 4) the impact of mental health on work, sport and academics.

MacIntire taught her first college courses in 2004, which taught her 2 critical things: 1) Learning is a collaborative endeavor, not a one-way show. 2) Humility and kindness go a long way in the classroom. Outside of the classroom, she is a licensed psychologist, where her primary foci are on psychological assessment, using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for treatment, helping athletes address concerns in both sport and life, and fostering her supervisees on their journey to becoming mental health providers.

She believes her teaching style may be best described as passionate and humanistic. She approaches students with respect and optimism in hopes that it helps to build the foundation they need to believe in themselves. MacIntire looks forward to learning from her students and to seeing their feedback as both courageous and a gift, as she endeavors to reach them in the most effective and helpful way. She gets her students to take their learning beyond the classroom by asking them to pose solutions to real problems at their workplaces, in their communities, or just generally in our world by using psychological principles and ideas. She encourages her students to think critically and she embraces their courage when they question the status quo. MacIntire teaches them how to source data on their own and how to think critically about how the research was conducted.

MacIntire also works as a licensed psychologist, engages in local, state and national efforts to improve access to mental health services, and volunteers with local events regularly.

Mae MacIntire's Curriculum Vitae