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MS, Brigham Young University

BA, Brigham Young University

AA, Brigham Young University

AA, Northwest College


Blake C. Crossley received an associate degree from Northwest College in general studies and another from Brigham Young University-Idaho in Spanish. Crossley then went on to receive his Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and earn his Master of Arts in Spanish Pedagogy from BYU as well. He teaches First-Year Spanish.

Crossley describes his teaching style as eclectic, including a variety of inputs like visual, audio, aural and written. He describes his styles using the words of Benjamin Franklin, "Involve me and I learn." In his classroom, Crossley views grammar and vocabulary as building blocks; he presents students with the basics, shows them a few ways to use them and then encourages them to create in new ways. Crossley likes to focus on all areas of Spanish reading, writing, speaking and listening. Knowing that most students are most hesitant to speak, this is one he encourages more.

Outside of the classroom, Crossley encourages students to look for opportunities to use Spanish as well as observe how Spanish is being used by others. He reminds them that variety exists amongst Spanish speakers and they should use what they observe being used by others. Crossley also requires his students to participate in activities outside of the classroom to involve them more in campus activities as well as provide additional experiences to them.