Parking Information and Maps

May 2020 Commencement Ceremony

Stocker Stadium Map & Parking Lot Locations

Stocker Stadium is located in Lincoln Park at the southwest corner of 12th Street and North Avenue. The stadium gates will be open by (time TBA). Please be aware that a lot of people will be walking through the parking areas; please drive slowly. Please do not park in any "no parking zones" or fire lanes as it can pose a danger to public safety. Follow the signs and directions, Parking Services staff can answer questions and will direct you toward open parking areas.

General and handicap parking will be available in the main lot at Lincoln Park on the south side of the stadium on a first-come, first-serve basis. Generally, the stadium lot fills quickly. Once the stadium lot is full, a sign will be posted and you will need to park elsewhere.

Additional parking will be available in all of the Colorado Mesa University Campus lots free of charge without a parking pass on Commencement Day. Parking lots on campus are a two to four block walk to the stadium. Although parking is available on streets surrounding the park and in the residential area near the stadium, please be courteous to surrounding businesses and do not park in their lots.

Drop-off/pick-up locations will be available at the main entrance on the south side of the stadium and on the north side of the stadium across from McDonald's. Due to the number of guests attending this event, it is quite common for the driver to drop off their passengers and then find a place to park.

For further information contact the Registrar's Office at 970.248.1555