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At Career Services, we understand the importance of gaining professional skills through hands-on experience. That's why we encourage students to find internships in their fields of study. Internships can often be used to gain credit toward finishing your degree. Additionally, for some programs of study, it is necessary to have an internship to graduate. Career Services facilitates internships through Handshake.

Step 3

Request internship experience in Handshake

Internships in Handshake are called "Experiences"

Check out our how-to guides for students requesting internships in Handshake: PDF or Video


  1. Log in to Handshake to get started

  2. Request an Experience

    Once you have determined where you like to complete your internship, you'll need to submit a request in Handshake. Go to Career Center, then Experiences, and then click Request Experience. Fill out the required information.

  3. Wait for approval

    Now that your internship request is submitted, you academic department will review your request in Handshake for approval.

Step 4

Begin your internship

Once your internship request is approved you can now begin your internship.
  1. Check in regularly with your faculty internship coordinator

  2. Complete the required coursework given to you by your internship coordinator

  3. Complete your internship evaluations in Handshake

    Internship evaluations must be completed by the posted deadline. Departments use these evaluations to ensure students have had the most fulfilling internship experience possible.