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Western Colorado's Selective University

Physics Seminars

The Physics Program at Colorado Mesa University holds weekly seminars during the academic year. Each seminar consists of a physics-related presentation by a CMU faculty member, student or a visitor. These are free and open to all. Coffee and cookies will be provided.

Spring 2016

Wubben Science 111



  • August 25th: None


  • September 1st, Dr. Chad Middleton, Physics Colorado Mesa University, "The Physics of Rainbows"


  • September 8th, Dr. Tom Osborn, Colorado Mesa University, Inventor in Residence, "Development of Pelvic Simulation Model"


  • September 15th, Amanda Nicksic, Colorado Mesa University Career Services Coordinator, "Resume Creation Utilizing Optimal Resume Software"


  • September 22nd, Dr. Robert Camley, Physics University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, "Going to Graduate School in Physics"


  • September 29th, Dr. Anwar Shiekh, Physics Colorado Mesa University, "Is Physics Sometimes Wrong?"


  • October 6th, Dr. David Collins, Physics Colorado Mesa University, "REU Discussion"


  • October 13th, Zak Kennison, Physics Minor Colorado Mesa University, "Gas Gun Analysis"


  • October 20th, Dr. Brian Hosterman, Physics-Colorado Mesa University, "Introduction to Spectroscopy"


  • October 27th, Professor Olga Grisak, Radiological Technology Colorado Mesa University, "3D Printing of Anatomical Structures Based on Computed Tomography Scan Data"


  • November 3rd, Jonathan Johannsen, Physics Minor Colorado  Mesa University, "Physics of the Ruben's Tube"


  • November 10th, Nathaniel Miles, Physics Minor Colorado Mesa University, "Radiation Shielding"


  • November 17th, Jeremiah Moskal, Physics Colorado Mesa University, "Differential Conductance of Magnetic Impurities on a Metal Surface"


  • November 24th, Thanksgiving


  • December 1st, Dusty Carlson, Physics-Colorado Mesa University,


  • December 8th, Robert Millican, Physics Colorado Mesa University,