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Western Colorado's Selective University

Physics Seminars

The Physics Program at Colorado Mesa University holds weekly seminars during the academic year. Each seminar consists of a physics-related presentation by a CMU faculty member, student or a visitor. These are free and open to all. Coffee and cookies will be provided.

Spring 2017

Thursdays, 12:30-1:20

Wubben Science 111


  • Januiary 19th: None
  • January 26th: None
  • February 2nd: Dr. Daniel Koury, Radiochemistry Group, University of Las Vegas, "Characterization of the mechanism of bi-layer oxide growth on austenitic stainless steels 316L and D9 in oxygen-controlled lead-bismuth eutectic (LBE)"
  • February 9th: Dr. Bill Tiernan, Physics, Colorado Mesa University, "The Kosterlitz-Thouless Transition: A strange ordering transition in two dimensions"
  • February 16th: Dr. Anwar Shiekh, Physics, Colorado Mesa University, "Black Hole Information Paradox"
  • February 23rd: Dr. Cassandra Fenton, Geology, Colorado Mesa University, "The Spice Project: Preliminary Cosmogenic Nuclide Production Rates in Quartz Calibrated at the ~70 KA SP Lava Flow in Arizona"
  • March 2nd: Dr. Chad Middleton, Physics, Colorado Mesa University, "Einstein's Theory of General Relativity & Black Holes"
  • March 9th: Cover Letter Workshop
  • March 16th: Dr. Brian Hosterman, Physics, Colorado Mesa University, "X-Ray Diffraction Investigation of the Jahn-Teller Distortion in Solid Solution Copper-Magnesium Chromite"
  • March 23rd: SPRING BREAK
  • March 30th: Eric Stauffer, Medical Physics, St. Mary's Hospital, "Radiosurgery in the treatment of Arteriovenous Malformations"
  • April 6th: Dr. Phil Gustafson, Math, Colorado Mesa University, "Computing with formulas, what could go wrong?"
  • April 13th: Dr. Russ Walker, Environmental Sciences, Colorado Mesa University
  • April 20th: Christopher Carter, Physics, Colorado Mesa University, "Investigations of beer and brewing"
  • April 27th: Jeremiah Moskal, Physics, Colorado Mesa University, "Developing synthetic afterglow spectra of gama ray bursts using semi-anbalytic and numerical techniques"