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Assessment of Student Learning

Welcome to the homepage of the Office of Assessment of Student Learning at Colorado Mesa University. We hope you will find the resources that will help you with program and course assessment. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Student Learning Assessment Handbook

Why is the assessment of student learning important?

Assessment of student learning provides evidence of how well an academic discipline meets its stated goals for what students should know or be able to do upon completion of a program. Thus it documents the quality of academic programs in terms of their respective successes as well as areas in need of improvement. CMU's assessment processes reflect the institution's willingness to be publicly accountable to its many stakeholders, as well as to systematically collect information that supports efforts to strengthen our programs.

Methods of assessment vary across campus, in part due to the differing nature of disciplines, in part due to professional accreditation requirements, and in part due to the stage of a program's progress to evaluate its goals. That said, CMU's emphasis on excellent undergraduate teaching is common to all programs and underlies the faculty's collective abilities to demonstrate how much their students are learning.

Assessing student learning is largely the responsibility of the faculty as part of its role in curriculum development, delivery, and on-going improvement to ensure that our graduates are prepared for the next step in their career, be it graduate or professional school or employment.

Most faculty members, by nature, engage in this process, though they may not document their efforts in a formal way. Assessment brings an order and common understanding to those activities and builds on conversations by faculty members on what a program completer should know and be able to do, using assessment feedback to make changes as appropriate.